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Friday, June 16, 2006

Possible Origins of the Circle Dance

1) Some believe it can be traced back to the tribal dance of cannibals before they are about to inflict bodily harm on another - albeit smaller - member of the human food chain. I think anyone who left the dance hall with a pronounced limp and/or a bloody wound can give this claim some real credence.

2) Others feel that dance is often interpretted as to be "a language unto itself". Forming observations based on this theory one might logically deduce that the circle dance originated as the chosen language for the hearing impaired and mentally challenged. This would explain the need for extremely loud music and repetitive steps.

3) And still others* are convinced that it was an archaic homosexual mating ritual. Sweaty palms, hand holding, the chance to be Queen for the day... I rest my case.

Anyone else care to venture an opinion?

*Yes, this is why i wouldnt hold your hand.


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