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Monday, April 03, 2006

blog sharing..

I found this article on another blog -
Don't get too teary when reading it!

I'm Getting Divorced?
A good friend is like a model sibling.That's how it is with a friend of mine on the way to the Ohel as I write this post. I am very happy for him. True happiness. Selfishly, I have a sinking feeling within. It's not like losing a friend, Gd forbid, but it's losing part of him.A bad example - a husband encourages his wife to divorce him in order to find a more suitable man for herself.I have a million emotions swelling and synchronizing from my heart to my brain. This is my first close friend to fall, or shall I say, get uplifted.This is life. And I wish him only the best for a very holy marriage, filled with love, laughs and good health!The following addition gratefully stolen from wandering:Marriage is very weird and wonderfulOne by one, they are slowly disappearing. As each one ties the knot with her soulmate, the rope that ties our own friendship together, slowly unravels and starts slipping away. As I dance at weddings, the joy is powerful and overwhelming. My feet are moving, my body is dancing in a boundless, unlimited, almost unnatural joy. The music throbs and I dance 'till my face is flushed, my hair is damp with sweat and my feet are aching in my too high heels. I am joined in a circle of shining faces and overjoyed hearts, but the ache is slowly spreading like a fungus to my throbbing heart. The emptiness widens like a yawning chasm, the hole that is missing from the pure and wholesome happiness that should be a part of me.I look at him and can't help but envy his luck, he has won the part of her heart that used to be mine.


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