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Sunday, April 09, 2006


im trapped inside my apartment.

I woke up this morning excited that my roommates werent home and planned to spend a leisurely day of packing for pesach while dancing to some really loud spanish hip hop. On my way to the kitchen i casually tried to open the front door and to my horror-- the knob fell off in my hand. I have now become obsessed with getting out of the apartment.

Things I have tried as a means of escape:
1) the old "swipe your credit card through the door slot" technique. This method is generally espoused by spoiled post-college girls who suspect that their parents' credit card is indeed the answer to all of tlife's troubles
2) the "jiggle it" technique. My absentee roommates are quite taken by this method. The concept is that you put the knob back in its originally slot and keep "jiggling it" until the door opens -- integral to this method is a strong grip on reality because after the third panicking fone call to the afore-said roommates mentioning that the method might be not be working, their invariable response will be --"but did you jiggle it?"
3) the "call for help from any avialable window" technique. While living on the sixth floor of an apartment building in Harlem generally negates this option, after trying method number two for an hour you might be in need of a good scream.
4) the elusive "fire escape" method. Being the responsible apartment tenant that I am -- I had no idea where the fire escape was, but being trapped inside the apartment for eternity and then some gave me ample opportunity to find it. And find it I did. Unfortunately I found it hidden behind a mammoth dresser in my roommates room as well as a window that appears to have been cemented into place.

And so, Im going back to bed. When I wake up I think I'll try jiggling it again.
Have an awesome Pesach


At 10:56 AM, Blogger BombShelle said...

I am stunned to learn that these situations continue to happen to you only....

At 12:33 AM, Blogger estarica said...

u are a crackup girlie..
love estel
rochool sista

At 5:12 PM, Blogger chanee said...

i would say to this hotpants chick that i like her humourous article but i think i am the only one who doesnt yet know who hotpants really is..please inform me and then i may be able to tell u that i think u wrote that well.......(do i know u? r u one of chomi's friends?)


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