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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Nanny Diaries

Otherwise known as the story of one girl who tends to date very small men.

Last night i made the mistake of going on a quest for romance with yet another pint-sized man. To give the readers a benchmark as to the size of this little fellow id like to reference a popular children's storybook called "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Im currently on number three.

This romeo only reinforced my initial impressions by recommending a viewing of "The Pink Panther" as a potential date venue. His eclectic choice in theater became more obvious after I noticed the movie was actually rated PG for suggested parental guidance. I finally understood my role.

Id have to say the low point of the evening was when we both struggled to cross a snowbank at the front of the theater. As a height-challenged person, I took precaution to follow in the footstep imprints of the giants who had ventured out before me. He was less cautious. When I looked over all I could only make out a deep hole and the tips of his spiky black hair. I am curious to know what hair gel he uses, b/c that stuff can really hold up.

--- still waiting for my valentine


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