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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Bitter End

The natives were stirring.

Ok thats a lie. They remained stoic and immobile until i accidentally banged my shoe against the wall. Repeatedly. In my defense, there is only so much time you can look at someone's backside speculating how much their face might resembles their more exposed regions before creating some sort of disturbance. Anyways, finally one gingy fellow (not a dye job) sat up in his bed and exclaimed,

"Hello. I'm naked again aren't I.*"

Apprently unfazed, he then made his way around the room searching for what I assumed was a pair of underwear, but what actually turned out to be a kilt and vikings hat. After putting on the hat, he stumbled back into bed.

Later that day, all my roommates woke up and began introducing themselves. Apparently, they were all a gang of friends who decided to take off a year from their respective workplaces and tour the world. Along the way they learned a few valuable lessons which they proceeded to impart:

1) The hotels in Thailand cost only one pound - but the rooms are not private. One fellow was sharing a room with a human-sized cock-a-roach weilding a machete. Apprently not everyone likes to live with roommates.
2) When you run out of money a viable activity is drinking cheap vodka. At that point even bathing in a river wiht poverty-striken natives can seem like "a good time".
3) Don't run out of money

Crappers, the rabbi is back. To be continued.....

* I learned later that this was not an uncommon occurance during an impromptu game of invisible volleyball.


At 11:09 AM, Blogger Jude said...

I wanna go travelling with you girl!


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